We All Have Our Issues

One of the biggest things I try to incorporate in my counseling practices and really make sure that my clients understand is that every single person on this planet has their own personal issues with something.

There are no exceptions to this. Even Bill Gates has issues of some sort and I am sure could find and see the benefits with incorporating some sort of therapy into his life.

We Are Social Beings

4I think this is a huge reason why any form of therapy seems to have a sort of stigma attached to it. A lot of my clients come in with the impression that they are the only ones who are suffering in the ways that they are and that there must be something wrong with their brain that separates them from others. This is simply not true and it is a very hard wall to cross for a lot of people, but the end result is always positive.

We are social creatures and we base a lot of our feelings and emotions on both the way others perceive us, and the way that we perceive the others around us. When you are able to feel a connection or similarity with the way your peers are feeling then it is much easier to accept what is going on and to take the next steps necessary to actually start seeing the benefits therapy can have.

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