Every Case is Different

One thing to keep in mind when taking everything that we have talked about in is that not every method of treatment will be as effective for every person and that there are a number of factors that will determine which treatment plan will produce the best results and exactly how effective it actually will be. Every client and every single case is unique where CBT might be the best method for one, while some simple online therapy might be the best route for someone else.

Trust Your Therapist

trustThere is one thing that should be applied by every single client and it is a pretty important one. It is imperative that you trust your therapist in whatever he or she thinks will be the best form of treatment for your particular instance and sometimes you may not agree with whatever they have to say.

We are in the chair sitting across from you for a reason. We went through years and years of education, experience, and practice to be in the position that we are in and everything that we know and practice is based on years of actual scientifically peer-reviewed empirical evidence and not simply because we want to make this a miserable experience for you. Click here to get a little background on what it takes for research to be accepted in the scientific community.

The types of therapy that we have covered so far are generally the most common in the field. Next I will go into more detail on a case that I briefly mentioned earlier.

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