Counseling Is For Everyone

Counseling and therapy is something that almost everyone could benefit from by applying it to their own lives. You don’t have to have a mental illness or any pre-existing condition in order to see positive benefits from counseling, and I think this is a huge misconception that a lot of people here in America hold.


An Italian

I am originally from Italy and when I compare the outlooks and the way people implement counseling between my home country and here in America, I see a lot of differences but also a lot of similarities.

I think the biggest thing that I have noticed is the stigma that seems to be attached to those who seek counseling here in America. It is almost like you are shunned if you seek treatment and this is something that I will never understand. Back in my home country, people have a lot more sympathy and empathy towards those who seek treatment and you are never looked down upon for doing so.

Even Therapists Can Need Therapy

Even though I am a counselor myself, there have been countless times where I have thought I needed to seek treatment for a number of reasons. Who wouldn’t benefit from having someone you can talk to about your problems and listen without passing any judgement?

We all have our crosses to bear and there isn’t anyone out there who wouldn’t find something beneficial from seeking therapeutic help.

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