Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Over the years, I have been involved with a variety of different therapy techniques and styles by the my focus and specialty has been with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT. This form of therapy relies on changing both your attitudes and perceptions about the things that are on your mind, as well as changing your behavior about the same issues.

I have found this method of therapy and treatment to be the most
effective for the majority of cases that I have treated. It takes more than to just change the way you cbtthink about certain things or to just change
certain problem behaviors. When you combine the two however, I have seen the most significant results and the highest number of success rates when compared to other forms of therapy.

Can be Anything

For obvious reasons, I cannot share many details about any of my clients or the situations they are in. I find real examples to be the best forms of teaching however so the details of some of any stories I share will be altered slightly, but the basis and foundation of them are all true.

A recent client of mine has had a phobia of ants for their entire life. Whenever someone says they have a phobia of something, they generally don’t mean it in a way that they have an actual disorder. In the case of my client, it was most certainly a real disorder and completely changed the way he lived.

So anyone out there who is embarrassed or ashamed of any issues they are having just remember, there are thousands out there who you would probably think have it much worse off than you do.

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