Interpersonal Therapy

I think that most people out there had some sort of idea on the basic concepts of the 3 previous forms of therapy that we have discussed so far. Today I will discuss one that doesn’t get as much attention as the other 3 but can have very positive impacts for pretty much anyone and everyone.

Now the circumstances surrounding those who seek interpersonal therapy are usually much different than others and have to deal with the relationships that people develop with others in their lives.

Personal Relationships

interpersonalThe main reason that clients have come to me seeking this form of counseling is that conflicts with others around them seem to be the main source of their depression or other mental ailments.

Interpersonal therapy is generally pretty short when compared to other forms and the idea of it is rather simple. The overall emphasis on this form of treatment is to really analyze and identify problem relationships in ones life and to help develop a plan to gain a better social circle or support group that will not cause you such mental troubles.

Whenever I feel that this can be effective I ask my clients to not just think about people in their lives, but to really sit down and very closely analyze where conflicts are coming from and to weigh this in on the relationship that they have with certain people.