Behavior Therapy

Now that we have covered the C in CBT, we can move on to the B and as I am sure you have already guessed it, it stands for behavior therapy.

Change Your Behavior!

The main focus of this form of therapy involves changing certain behaviors in order to target and identify emotional problems.

You will commonly find behavior therapy being used in certain anxiety disorders (such as the ant example I briefly mentioned). A common technique used in these situations involves something called “desensitization” where the client is often subjected to whatever is giving them anxiety and gradually increase the degree that they are being subjected to.

Back To the Ant Phobia

behaviorSo going back to one of my clients that has had the life altering ant phobia, behavior therapy could be a viable option for therapy. We would maybe begin their treatment by asking them to imagine just one ant crawling in the same room as him. We start off very small and this is very important not to get carried away at the start of treatment. You would be surprised, but even the thought of one ant was enough to absolutely terrify my client and throw him into a state of panic.

Every session you would build off of the last and gradually increase their desensitization. The goal would be to eventually increase it to the point where ants are actually brought in and we modify their behavior to desensitize them.