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piccoloMy name is Antonio and I am a 37 year old Italian therapist. I started my career in my home country of Italy and made the move here to America with my wife, Annetta, just about 10 years ago. After having a practice in both Italy and here in America, I have seen a lot of similarities and a lot of differences between the ways therapy is looked at and practiced.

One of the most interesting and important differences that I have noticed is that here in America, there seems to be a stigma attached to anyone who feels the need to seek any sort of therapy or counseling. In Italy, people are much more sympathetic to those who desire treatment and you are most certainly not looked down upon.

I find this difference fascinating because I genuinely believe that everyone and anyone could benefit from seeing a therapist and that it is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Even I, a counselor himself, has considered seeking therapy to help me deal with and work out some of the issues I have in my life. We all have our problems and we all deal with them in different manners. But there is no one out there who doesn’t feel better after having someone to vent to and to talk out their problems with if they give it a try.

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